So, You're Engaged?!

So, you’re engaged?!? Congratulations!!! Whether you knew about it or it was completely a surprise, this has to be an exciting time for both of you! If you are on the fence about getting engagement photos done, I’m here to tell you 5 reasons why you should ABSOLUTELY do an engagement shoot. It's very rare to find someone super comfortable in front of the camera. At the start of almost every engagement session, my clients start out saying that they're going to be awkward, and I ensure them that if you don't feel at least a little bit awkward in front of the camera, you're not normal! One of the primary benefits of doing an engagement session is that it will help you get used to being in front of the camera before your wedding. Remembering back what you did at your engagement session will help make your portrait time more efficient on the big day and allow you to get even more photos you want during that time. Practice makes perfect!

1. You're Able To Get To Know Your Photographer

The engagement session is the perfect opportunity to spend some time with your photographer before the wedding day. Having a relationship with your photographer after having taken engagement photos, will allow you a level of comfort and trust since he or she will be the one person (besides your fiancee!) that is around you for the entire wedding day. By the time your wedding day does arrive, I want my couples to feel like a friend has just arrived, not just a vendor!

2. You're Able To Become Comfortable In Front of the Camera

I get it, how often do we take professional photos, right? Probably not often since selfies don’t count so it’s natural to have a feeling of uncertainty in the beginning. I have found that having professional photos taken before their actual wedding day to be such a relief for my couples when they see first hand how I pose and interact with them with a camera in my hand! The nervousness we all get at the thought of being in front of a camera is totally normal, so kicking those nerves to the curb ahead of time (AKA before the wedding day) will be such a comfort, I promise! This practice will come in handy on a big day like your wedding when you have so many other things to think about. Think of it as a practice run! There is less pressure and fewer people around, so you can focus on your fiancé and the guidance from your photographer. Once the wedding day rolls around, you will be PROS at posing and not even have to question how I will interact with you at your wedding!

3. You Can Use Your Images For Your Wedding Collateral

You will have professional photographs of you that can be incorporated into anything wedding related. Think Save-the-Dates, wedding website, or displays at your wedding. You can give your parents or grandparents a few copies which they will absolutely love and even have some portraits to hang at your home. Whatever you decide to use them for, the possibilities are endless! 

4. Your Session May Be Complimentary

Many wedding photographers include the engagement session in their wedding packaging because as I mentioned previously, we want to get to know you better and understand how you two operate as a couple. Some wedding photographers offer this session as an add-on to the experience. Either way, it’s worth the investment. As photographers, we want to understand if you’re shy, very outgoing, conservative, or funny so that we can best bring out YOU while having you do things that you enjoy! This is also an opportunity for us to build trust. During your session we can chat about your venue, your shot list, and any other photography related concerns you might have for your wedding day.

5. It is basically just a fun, date night.

Yes, I said FUN!!! Consider your engagement photos as a date, except with someone following you around with a camera. We can go hike in the woods, hang out at a winery, walk the dogs, or even eat ice cream. Whatever you choose to do at the engagement session is up to you! Many couples even pop champagne to celebrate their engagement and take photos of the bubbly explosion in the process. During the process, there will be lots of cuddling, lots of kissing, and a ton of loving on each other – if that’s what you’re into. We are here to capture YOUR unique love story.