Whether you are celebrating an engagement, anniversary, birthday or just your awesome love story–this blog is your ultimate guide on how to plan the best session. I include tips on choosing activities, styling and locations!


A couples adventure session typically refers to an experience or activity designed for romantic partners to enjoy together. It involves engaging in adventurous or exciting activities that can strengthen the bond between the couple and create lasting memories. The specific activities can vary widely depending on the preferences and interests of the individuals involved, but they often include outdoor pursuits, travel, or trying something new and challenging together.

The goal is to create shared experiences, build communication, and enjoy each other's company in a different and exciting context. It's an opportunity for couples to break away from routine and inject some novelty and excitement into their relationship.

The main difference between a regular couples session and an adventure session lies in the nature and focus of the activities involved.

Setting and Activities

Regular Couples Session: This typically involves activities like dinner dates, movie nights, or other more traditional and low-key experiences. These sessions often focus on communication, emotional connection, and understanding each other on a deeper level.

Adventure Session: Adventure sessions, on the other hand, involve more active and dynamic experiences. These could include outdoor activities, travel, or trying new and adventurous things together. The emphasis is on shared excitement, overcoming challenges, and creating unique memories.


Regular Couples Session: The primary purpose of regular couples sessions is often centered around emotional intimacy, communication, and strengthening the emotional bond between partners.

Adventure Session: Adventure sessions, while still contributing to emotional intimacy, also emphasize shared experiences in thrilling or novel settings. The goal is to create excitement, inject spontaneity into the relationship, and foster teamwork as couples engage in activities that might be outside their comfort zones.

Dynamic vs. Relaxed

Regular Couples Session: These sessions often provide a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, allowing couples to connect on a personal and emotional level without the need for intense physical or mental activity.

Adventure Session: Adventure sessions are more dynamic and involve actively participating in challenges or adventures together. They offer an opportunity for couples to share in the adrenaline, problem-solving, and joy that come with engaging in adventurous activities.

Ultimately, whether a couple chooses a regular session or an adventure session depends on their preferences, interests, and the kind of experiences they want to have together.

What can you do during an adventure session?

If you want to really personalize your Couple's Session and make it all about you two - the best way to do that is to choose an activity. Think about something you love to do together, or would love to try together! Having an activity to do during your session is not only fun, but it makes you forget there is a camera there, and truly does get the most genuine interactions from you both. The activities you choose will depend on your interests, preferences, and the level of adventure you're seeking. Here are some ideas for a couples adventure session:


  • Hiking: Choose a scenic trail and enjoy the beauty of nature together.
  • Camping: Spend a night under the stars, either in a tent or a cozy cabin. (Think Ventana Glamping tents or the cutest A Frame cabins at Big Sur Campgrounds and Cabins).
  • Riding bikes: there are paved roads to ride on through the beautiful redwoods
  • Rent a motorcycle to drive Highway 1: imagine the views at Bixby Bridge!
  • Take a dip in some hotsprings or a hot tub
  • Roast S'Mores at your campfire
  • Take some photos of each other with a Polaroid and have instant memories to take home!
  • Pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate!
  • Bring your favorite book along to read together on the cliffs
  • Have a beach picnic set-up complete with a charcuterie board
  • Bring along your favorite records and a record player to listen to them at your cabin
  • Stop at Big Sur Bakery for the best cup of coffee along the coast!

WHat should you wear for your adventure session?

When planning what to wear for your Big Sur adventure session, it's important to consider the unpredictable weather and the various activities you might engage in. Big Sur's climate can range from cool and foggy to warm and sunny, so dressing in layers is a good strategy. Here are some clothing and accessory suggestions:


  • If you're wearing a dress, think about wearing nude leggings underneath for some extra warmth-but if there's a slit in the dress-not gonna work!
  • Definitely bring a jacket or a sweater! Even if you don't wear it, at least have it in the car just in case!
  • A great way to keep warm is to add base layers if possible. Think cami's, socks, leggins, long sleeves-better to add layers under than over, for less bulk.


  • First and foremost, I want you to be comfortable! If your pants are too tight or your dress keeps falling too low-it's going to put a major damper on our session. Make sure your clothes fit you correctly and that you're not worried about a nip slip the whole time!
  • It's a great idea to have two outfits! Maybe something a little more formal, and something a little more casual. Pro tip: lighter colors are a must for the redwoods (think ivory, tan, off white, dusty rose, earthy blue) and both and dark work for the beaches and cliffs (neutrals, gray, black, navy blue, tan, etc.)
  • Avoid large patterns. These tend to pull attention away from faces and the beautiful landscape surrounding you. Also stay away from tight thin cotton. Instead opt for linen, knits, waffles-anything with more texture and movement.
  • Avoid anything super tight! I want you to be able to run, jump on your partner's back, climb on rocks, and swing each other around. If you can barely walk in your dress-PLEASE rethink your choice!


  • Sturdy, comfortable hiking boots or trail shoes with good traction.
  • If you plan to visit the beach, you might want to bring sandals, but you definitely still need shoes here-same goes for the redwoods.
  • DO NOT WEAR HEELS! They do not make sense anywhere in Big Sur, and will severely limit where I can take you. It's also not possible to "bring them along, and just change into them when its time to take photos". I am literally photographing the entire time, so the shoes you wear, are the shoes you will be photographed in!
  • Avoid stark white tennis shoes. They will most definitely get filthy, and it will also be the first thing people see when they look at your photos.


  • Hats are always fun and add some variety to your gallery.
  • Sunglasses! We won't wear them for the whole time, but again - variety!
  • Keep the jewelry to a minimum-you don't want it to distract from you and your partner.

    Always check the weather forecast before your adventure and adjust your clothing accordingly. It's also a good idea to have a map, water, and some snacks on hand. Lastly, be mindful of Leave No Trace principles and respect the natural environment during your Big Sur adventure.

    ready to book your adventure session with Jamie lemaire photography? here's the process!


    Fill out my inquiry form so I know a little bit about the two of you and the type of session you’re looking for. Let me know if you're interested in a Big Sur session and if you have a vision!


    Let's get a date set, and I’ll send over a proposal for you two to sign electronically as well as the 25% retainer to pay to save your day. Once that’s done, you’ll be officially booked and on the calendar!


    As soon as you’re booked, I’ll send over a questionnaire that lets me get to know the two of you better. I will follow that up with a lengthy Adventure Session guide including how to prepare, what to wear and what kind of activities you can include. I will also send you my preferred vendor list if you are looking for desserts, cakes, or a picnic set-up! After that, you will receive my Location Guide that has photos and details about all the places I typically photograph at in Big Sur to help you narrow down your choices. Once you've had a chance to fill out the questionnaire and look over all the guides, we'll then set up a time for a phone call to answer any questions you might have and finalize all the details.


    I’ll photograph you two having a blast, living in the moment, walking hand in hand, and exploring the beautiful locations you’ve chosen. Don’t worry if this is your first time in front of the camera – I’ll direct you in a way that feels natural to you while still capturing those candid, in-between moments too.


    Within 3 weeks, after I’ve had a chance to hand edit your images, you’ll receive your full online gallery. From there, you’ll easily be able to download, share and even print those special moments we captured.