Adventure Sessions are All About Having FUN!

An adventure engagement session is a fantastic way to capture your love and excitement in unique and adventurous settings. Here are some fun activities you can include to make your session unforgettable:

Hiking: Choose a scenic trail that suits your fitness level and leads to breathtaking views. Hiking together can symbolize your journey as a couple, facing challenges and enjoying the rewards together. I have plenty of amazing secret spots to take you to if you need some ideas!

Camping: Spend a night under the stars together, enjoying a campfire, s'mores, and the beauty of nature. It represents the simplicity and shared experiences in your relationship. Ventana Glamping tents are gorgeous and so much fun to photograph!

Casual and Cozy: Opt for casual outfits that represent your everyday style and comfort. This approach can make the photos feel more authentic and relaxed. Big Sur is not always the warmest, so wear your favorite sweater and beanie and snuggle up!

Bring your pet: If you have a furry friend, include them in some of the photos. Pets can add a playful and heartwarming element to the session. Just remember to make sure they are allowed at your location beforehand!

Play Photographer: If you love taking photos, bring along your camera–or use mine! I also have a Polaroid camera that I love to bring to sessions for couple's to take photos of each other. Bonus–you get instant photos to take home that day!

Have a picnic: Want to rest for a minute and enjoy a charcuterie plate? Don't want to set it up yourself? Both Kiss Me in Carmel and Forage Vintage Rental Co. are two women owned, awesome companies who will do all the work for you! They set up the most amazing beach picnics complete with rugs, pillows, trays, lanterns, and whatever tasty treats your heart desires.

Play in the water: I'll be the first to admit–our water is COLD in Big Sur, but if you're willing to run through the waves for a little splash–I'll be right there with you! It's worth it for some awesome, fun photos!

Play an instrument: If you or your partner are musically inclined, bring along your instrument and have your own mini concert in the redwoods, on the beach, or up high atop the cliffs. How romantic!

These are just a few ideas of activities you could include in your Big Sur Adventure session–there are SO many more! The most important thing is that you make this session and these photos personal to your relationship. Think of the things that you two enjoy doing the most together and let's make it happen–anything is possible!