Intimate wedding in the redwoods surrounded by family

Intimate wedding in the redwoods surrounded by family

If you could get married anywhere, where would that be?

Including your family in your adventure elopement can be a wonderful way to share your special day with loved ones while still embracing the adventurous spirit. Here are some ideas on how to involve your family in your elopement:

Invite Them to Join the Adventure:

  • Consider choosing a location that is accessible and enjoyable for your family members. This could be a scenic spot, a national park, or a destination that holds special meaning for all of you.

Virtual Participation:

  • If your family can't physically be there, consider setting up a live stream or video call so they can witness the ceremony in real-time. This way, they can still be a part of your special moment, even from afar.

Engage in Pre-Elopement Activities:

  • Plan activities before or after the ceremony that your family can participate in. This could be a hike, picnic, or any other outdoor adventure that everyone can enjoy together.

Include Family Traditions:

  • Incorporate family traditions into your elopement ceremony. This could be as simple as using a family heirloom or following a ritual that has been passed down through generations.

Ask for Their Blessings:

  • Before your elopement, consider involving your family by seeking their blessings or approval. This can be a meaningful gesture that helps them feel included in your decision.

Photography and Videography:

  • Hire a photographer or videographer to capture the moments. Share the photos and videos with your family afterward, ensuring they feel a part of the experience.

Host a Celebration Afterward:

  • Plan a post-elopement celebration or reception where you can share your adventure and experiences with family and friends. This could be a casual gathering or a more formal event depending on your preferences.

Include Them in the Planning Process:

  • Discuss your elopement plans with your family beforehand. While you may be eloping to have a more intimate ceremony, involving them in the planning can help them feel connected to your special day.

Write Personalized Messages:

  • Consider writing personalized messages to your family members, expressing your love and gratitude. You can read these messages during the ceremony or share them in a more private setting.

Create Keepsakes:

  • Gift your family members with keepsakes from your elopement, such as custom-made items, photos, or a framed memento. This helps them feel like they were a part of the celebration.

Remember, the key is to communicate openly with your family about your elopement plans and find ways to include them that align with your vision for an adventurous celebration.

Trey and April's Intimate Wedding at Big Sur Lodge

Trey got ready for the big day at a cabin at Big Sur Lodge with his son and and April's nephew. The boys had matching socks and cologne and it was such a cute way to include the kdis in the wedding festivities. April was staying across the road at Glen Oaks, where she got ready with her sister and Trey's daughter. After everyone was ready, it was so cute for everyone to have a "first look" with each other all dressed up for the day.

Big Sur Lodge provided the perfect redwood back drop for the couple to be married, surrounded by their family. The sun was just peaking through and it was a quiet day in the park.

After the ceremony, I took April and Trey away for a little alone time in the redwoods at Glen Oaks for some intimate bride and groom portraits. Big Sur did not disappoint us that day, the light was absolute magic!!

After the redwoods, we headed to Garrapata State Beach, where we met back up again with the rest of their family for an amazing beach picnic, where they celebrated with cake and champagne. After they were done eating, April and Trey shared their first dance and then everyone else joined in on the fun!

April, Trey and I ended this amazing day high on the cliffs above the crashing Pacific Ocean. We once again left everyone so that the newlyweds could enjoy the end of their elopement with just the two of them. This day was filled with so much love, family, and FUN! Congratulations April and Trey - thank you so much for sharing your special day with me!!


Venue : Big Sur Lodge

Lodging : Glen Oaks

Florals: Cassia Forét

Picnic Set-up: Kiss Me in Carmel

Dessert: Layers

Dress: Lulu's