married in the fairy ring

married in the fairy ring

If you could get married anywhere, where would that be?

The thing I love most about elopements is that they are truly about the two people professing their love to one another on that sacred day. And I can honestly say, I have never had a couple put more thought and care into every detail of their wedding day than Alexa and Curtis. From the flower arrangements to their wedding attire, to the blossoming tea - every single item was hand picked and curated to perfection.

One of the questions that I ask my clients is "What is your favorite thing about your partner?"

This was Curtis' answer: "That you have a jovial positive spirit and you are always creating and bringing beauty into the world."

This summation of Alexa was so clear on their wedding day. She is a Multidisciplinary artist, designer, and maker. She creates art, clothing, music and so much more. In fact, she designed and created her own wedding look (a Vietnamese ao dai) which was absolutely breathtaking in the Glen Oaks green forest. Curtis wore a Batik silk shirt from Indonesia that belonged to Alexa's father.  

We started the day off in the "Big Sur" cabin at Glen Oaks where the couple got ready together in separate rooms. We then took a short walk to a clearing in the forest surrounded by Japanese Maple trees, where Alexa and Curtis had their First Look and he got to admire the beautiful garments that Alexa had been working on for months.

After their First Look we crossed the bridge over to the infamous "Fairy Ring" where they read their vows to each other under the towering ring of giant redwoods. We then took our time strolling the property, taking photos throughout the forest. We stopped by the riverbank, where Alexa pulled out her vintage Polaroid camera and they took photos of each other to have some immediate souvenirs of this beautiful day.

Then we walked back to the cabin to enjoy some amazing gluten free lemon almond cupcakes from Nece's Bakery and some amazingly beautiful blooming hot tea that Alexa had previously purchased. Alexa and Curtis were so excited to share the good news, so they Facetimed their families to show them all the special details of their day and were able to include their loved ones in their day.

We ended our time together with a First Dance in the redwood grove. Just Alexa, Curtis, and the trees. (And me of course, who was lucky enough to be a witness ;)


Lodging : Glen Oaks

Florals: Idlewild Floral Co.

Dessert: Nece's Gluten Free

Vietnamese-inspired ao dai outfit: Alexa Wright