What's Your Idea of Adventure?

First, let’s talk about what an adventure session actually is! A Big Sur Adventure Session differs from the traditional photo session in that you actually spend that time doing what you love, with the person you love. Instead of spending an hour or so posing for photos, we actually spend that time–well, adventuring! Whether it’s hiking a favorite trail, dancing on the beach, having a pizza picnic, or riding your motorcycle down the coast, adventure sessions are all about including what you love to do in an epic location. There just happens to be a photographer along for the ride, documenting the fun. Adventure Sessions are my favorite types of sessions because they are SO much fun, and so natural. They are anything but boring, no stiff, awkward posing here - we will be moving the entire time!

So...When and Why Should You Book an Adventure Session?

For a lot of couples, taking photos isn’t just about getting pictures for their save the date cards or wedding websites. It’s a time for them to celebrate the beginning of their next chapter in their lives together and the start of something exciting. It’s a time to create new memories and commemorate this time in their lives with images that will last them a lifetime. That’s why adventure engagement sessions are the absolute BEST for outgoing, wildly in love couples. You get to explore a beautiful location with your love, maybe see a place you’ve always wanted to visit, and create a new special place in your relationship.

That being said, adventurous engagement sessions do come with their own set of challenges and there are a lot of things you’ll need to consider before diving in head first.

my top tips for planning your adventure session

  • Wear the right clothes

Depending on the time of year, Big Sur can be pretty chilly! I love a long, flowy, dramatic dress - but make sure to bring a sweater or cute jacket! And if it's really cold, you can even layer a pair of nude leggings underneath for extra warmth!

Let's talk about shoes. Hiking boots, or shoes with good tread are an absolute must if you are wanting photos one those famous rocky cliffs. Absolutely no heels while we're climbing on those rocks.

Big Sur is a very natural place, so let that be your guide in choosing what colors to wear. You do not want to compete with your surroundings. You want to compliment the blues, greens, and tans. Warm, neutral colors are always best. Think dusty blue, ivory, blush, sage green, or rust. And you can never go wrong with off white, ivory, or tan - you will stand out no matter what terrain we are photographing in Big Sur.

  • Relax and Be Ready to Touch

I cannot stress this enough. These sessions are not about getting that perfectly posed, every hair in place photo. They are about capturing real, authentic connection. So run wildly hand in hand, dance until you fall down in the sand, smash his cheeks while you kiss, run your fingers through his hair - just BE in the moment, and forget the camera is there. Your authenticity will read through in your photos. Don't be nervous, I do not expect you to be models. I will be gently be prompting and guiding you throughout our time together to create these real and genuine moments.

  • Plan Your Activities

Really put some thought into what you love to do together. Sit down, pour a glass of wine, and start brainstorming activities you enjoy doing together. Do not overthink it, or over complicate it. Your activity does not have to be some crazy activity, it could be as simple as reading together outside on a blanket with a couple of craft beers. Here are a few of my favorite ideas to get you thinking: surfing, night hiking, bike riding, playing an instrument, taco picnic, skateboarding, outdoor baths, inner tubes down the river, cuddling and coffee, bring your furry friend - there are SO many ways to make these sessions personal!

  • Have something planned for later

Extend the experience with a yummy dinner or cabin booked for after your adventure. Big Sur has plenty of incredible dining experiences and fabulous accommodation options for you to choose from, and really adds to this unique experience.

So, how do you pick where to go in Big Sur?

My adventure sessions also include custom location scouting and suggestions! Based on what scenery you want or general aesthetic you're after, whether or not you want to hike, and how adventurous you want to get, I will recommend a variety of locations best suited to you. Big Sur has so much variety when it comes to terrain - choose from the redwoods, the beaches, or the coastal cliffs. Depending on how long you want your session to last, we can visit all three!

If you’re worried about how to incorporate any of the above list items into your session, feel free to reach out to your photographer and ask for their advice. After all, you’re hiring your photographer to help you have the best experience possible, not simply to mindlessly snap a few pics. All of my couples receive a detailed questionnaire, a location guide, and a styling guide to help them plan the perfect AND safe adventure session. If you stay true to your story as a couple and your personalities, you are guaranteed to have an adventurous and rewarding couples session!