5 Reasons to Plan a Couple's Photo Session During Your Next Vacation

  1. Capturing Memories. Someday you're going to look back at these amazing photos and remember the amazing time you had while you were visiting a new place, and it's a great way to document your love on that special trip!
  2. Document Your Adventures. Plan something fun and adventurous for your shoot! Your session doesn't just have to be moving around taking photos - think of an activity to document like hiking, surfing, a picnic, fishing, bike riding - there are so many ideas!
  3. Keep a travel diary! Taking couples photos is a fun way to document your adventures and travels. Can you imagine having a travel diary book of photos you have taken each year from different vacations? What a fun and unique way to keep track of all the awesome places you have been to together!
  4. Sharing Your Photos. Ever seen a friends Instagram post and immediately wanted to travel to that exact same place?! Documenting your vacation with a Couples Session is the perfect way to have the most awesome photos to share on your social media and to share with your friends and family.
  5. Get the Inside Scoop! Make sure to hire a local photographer to where you're vacationing because they are likely to know the coolest spots and the best places to eat. I am happy to send my clients a personal guide that I have put together just for my couples. It covers the best places to visit, the sites they have to see, and the very best restaurants!