Including the most important people on the most important day

Including the most important people on the most important day

If you could get married anywhere, where would that be?

Eloping with Kids

Is it possible to include your children on your adventure elopement?! Heck yes! Including children in your elopement takes lots of planning, but it is a meaningful way of showing them that you’re really all in this together! This is a once in a lifetime experience and one of the most important days of your life, you should definitely have the most important people in your life there to witness it. But there are definitely a few tips and tricks that will make the day flow MUCH more smoothly.

Our children benefit from outdoor experiences

Children emulate what they see, and they learn to appreciate what they are taught. Showing our kids to love and respect nature, will in turn show them a love for the great outdoors. An elopement may only be a singular day outside, but it’s such an important one for them to be a part of! And it could very well be the day that ignites a lifelong love of nature!

have the kids there for only certain parts of the day

Kids get tired! An all day elopement can be exhausting for some adults, it can be way too much for the little ones. While you may want to include them in every single aspect, my advice is to choose the parts of the day that you really want them to witness or be a part of. In my experience, this is usually the Getting Ready photos, the First Look, and the Ceremony. They can help you put your shoes or tie on, brush your hair, and give you a pep talk before you say "I Do!"

Instead of the typical First Look, you could plan for a Family First Look before, after, or instead of your First Look with your partner. Or you could have your child walk you over to your partner for your First Look like Veronica and James did at Glen Oaks.

There are many different ways you can include your kids in your ceremony. You can have them be your ring bearer, hold your bouquet, help with your train, have them stand beside you as you say your vows. Or, if you have older children, you could even have them write their own vows to say during the ceremony! This is a great way for them to be involved and to express their feelings about this momentous occasion.

alternative ideas for involving your kids on yor elopement day

Do your kids have any special talents?!

If your child is musically inclined, they could play an instrument during your ceremony! Maybe they could write and sing their own special song to you and your partner!

Have them sign the marriage license

If you are getting married in a self-solemnizing state, your child can sign as your witness! Kids love this! It makes them feel so important and special. Just make sure to tell them to stay inside the lines!!

have them bless the rings

Let the kids make up whatever kind of blessing they want to, this does not have to be religious. This is an opportunity for the kids to hold your wedding bands and wish you good luck for your marriage.

have a family reception

This one is so much fun! You could have mini pizzas and pie back at your cabin, or a beach picnic with an amazing kid friendly charcuterie spread - there are so many possibilities for this!

final thoughts on including your kids in your elopement


Kids are little people with big personalities. And you know those personalities better than anyone else. You know what your kids are capable of, and what their limits are. Do your kids like to hike? Are they afraid of bugs? Are they afraid of heights? Do they still need naps during the day? There are many questions to ask yourself before consider whether or not the kids should come along for the day.

tell your kids all about why you love nature and explain why "leave no trace" is so important

Here is a great article to get you started:

Help Kids Leave No Trace

Designate a "Kid Nanny"

This is probably my most valuable piece of advice. Having someone there who is solely dedicated to helping with the kids is incredibly important. This will save you so much time and headache. They can help get the kids dressed, make sure they have snacks, keep an eye on them during parts of the day when they are not involved. Bringing along your aunt, cousin, or best friend is a great idea. Or, if you don't have anyone that can come–luckily, I have an awesome teenager who is so great with kids! In fact, he joined us on this particular elopement and was an invaluable part of the day.


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