Romantic Redwood Ceremony

Gaby reached out to me one month before they wanted to have their wedding in Big Sur. I knew it would take a lot of planning and communication–but I was up for the challenge! Jared and Gaby were coming all the way from Georgia, where they actually were legally married in a civil ceremony right before they came to California! Gaby knew she wanted an adventurous, romantic, and meaningful wedding day surrounded by their closest friends.

We started off the day with the couple and their two closest friends at a beautiful house in Carmel with views of the Garrapata cliffs. My favorite moment from this part of the day, was when Jared secretly pulled me aside and asked if I could take photos of him writing a last entry into a journal that he had been keeping for years to give to Gaby on their wedding day. I can't think of a more thoughtful gift to give to your partner–Gaby's tears say it all when he presents it to her during the ceremony.

Once everyone was ready, and Gaby and Jared had their first look, we all hopped in the car and headed down the coast to the gorgeous redwoods. The couple had their friend, Brittney perform the ceremony under the towering trees while soft raindrops fell around them. I can honestly say, I have never seen a couple have such a hard time NOT kissing during the ceremony until it was time!! They are so obviously in love and meant for each other.

After taking some photos in the redwoods, we headed back down the coast with a quick stop at the iconic Bixby Bridge and then continued to the cliffs at Garrapata. The fog hung low over the cliffs covered in red ice plant, and this might have been one of my favorite days in Big Sur. The couple had their first dance to Leon Bridges "Coming Home" as huge waves crashed behind them. We then adventured out on to the rocks and finished off the evening watching the moon come out from behind the mountains. Congratulations Gaby and Jared–it was an epic day!

Romantic Big Sur Wedding

Romantic Big Sur Wedding

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