music in the forest

Natalie and Daniel might have the sweetest love story I've ever heard. Natalie's cousin introduced them in Colorado at church where Daniel was the full time worship leader. They both shared a love of music, so they instantly connected. Daniel wrote a love song for his future wife and was looking for a violinist to record some parts for the song. After they met, he invited Natalie to record with him and it was during that recording trip that they realized they had a connection that went beyond music! A week later Daniel asked her to be his girlfriend and they spent all summer flying back and forth from Colorado every 2-3 weeks until he proposed in September. Talk about meant to be!

Since music is so important to both of them, they knew they definitely wanted to include their instruments in the session. I was so excited to hear them play, but I was not prepared for the amazing concert I got in the redwoods! These two definitely belong together. We explored the redwoods together at Glen Oaks, and then headed to the rocky cliffs Big Sur is known for and finished off the session with a night hike. By the end of the day, I felt like we were old friends and had known each other for years. I am so excited to photograph these two on their wedding day, and I get to hear them play again!