big sur coast and beach vow renewal

big sur coast and beach vow renewal

If you could say "I Do" all over again, would you?

From the Beach to the Cliffs

Rue and Bryan came all the way from Illinois to celebrate their 10 year anniversary together and knew that they wanted to renew their vows in beautiful Big Sur, California. They brought along their adorable kids for the adventure and began their day at a gorgeous Air BNB in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Rue and Bryan brought their favorite GOST coffee all the way from Illinois and had a few minutes to sit down and take it all in before the day really got started. After they were both fully ready, Rue in a gorgeous dress by Rue de Seine (how fitting!) and Bryan in a custom made suit by BLVDIER, we stepped outside for the absolute sweetest First Look I've ever photographed! They wanted it to be a very special intimate moment between the two of them, but still wanted the kids to be able to witness it. Catching their adorable reactions behind the glass doors was the highlight of my day!

After the First Look we headed down the coast to Garrapata State Beach where we took a few family photos, let the kids run barefoot in the sand and watched the gorgeous waves roll in. It was then time to say goodbye to the kids who rode back with Bryan's mom to the Air BNB so that I could take Rue and Bryan on an adventure to find the perfect spot for their vow renewal. As the sun started to set, Rue and Bryan read their special vows to each other surrounded by stunning views of land meeting sea. We finished off the evening with a short night hike lit by lanterns and then the family met for an amazing dinner at Anton and Michels in Carmel.

  • Tell me about you and your partner! How long have you been together? Tell me something special about your relationship at this stage?
  • We've been together since 2009, married since 2013. We have two kids, Cora (7) and Cooper (5). Since we've been married for ten years, we've experienced SO much together including home ownership, being pet parents, parents to actual human beings and now we're in business together with our own photography company that is thriving. It's been a wild ride to continue to grow all of these new things as a team, working together and conspiring at each new level. We often just spend our nights figuring out our next step in life. Neither of us is someone to settle for "okay" and it feels like we're shattering the ceiling of the next best thing at a rate that keeps our relationship fresh and exciting.

  • What is the first thing you noticed about her?
  • She was spunky, outgoing and not like any of the other girls.

  • What is the first thing you noticed about him?
  • He had an adorable emo style and a little Fall Out Boy cabbie hat on and it was love at first site! Hahahaha

  • What is your favorite thing about her?
  • Honesty and raw candidness

  • What are your favorite things to do together?
  • We love to go for walks together, visiting coffee shops, traveling together, having good days as parents with our kids.

  • What is your favorite thing about him?
  • He's so reliable and undeniably able to tackle any situation with ease which makes me feel so cared for and considered as a human being, mostly because he does so much to make sure I'm comfortable and that I feel loved. He's also SO hilarious and makes be burst out in ridiculous laughter on such a regular basis.

  • If there was one word to describe your relationship what would it be?
  • True (also see: connected)


MUAH :  Lilian Beauty

Florals: Cassia Foret

Dress: Rue de Seine