Inspiring Wardrobe Ideas

For Your upcoming Family Session

I want my families to look and feel like a million bucks on the day of their session. They do too! Between my personal Style Session Guide and an online access code to Style & Select, I have tried to make it as seamless as possible for even the busiest family to piece together something stylish, colorful and fun for their session.



Where is my session taking place? Are we going to be set against a golden grassy field, turquoise blue waters or eye-catching fall colors? Knowing the where of your location will help determine the COLORS you choose. You want your family to stand out from the beautiful scenery while still fitting the feel of the location!

Second thing to consider is…

What Is your Family Vibe?

How do you want these photos to feel? Because I’m going to be honest, the clothing you wear makes the BIGGEST difference on the vibe way more than the setting. I can pick a beautiful location at perfect sunset but if you wear sweat pants or a bright neon shirt, the “vibe” will be off and you won’t have cohesive family images. So take a moment and think, “what is the vibe you want to try for?”


I believe in Color and that layers, textures, patterns, and tones can be mixed together to create what I call “family personality”

Coordinate, Don't Match

When your family is grouped up, the color palette should look cohesive, but not uniformed (picturing everyone wearing white with khaki pants – just say no). Neutrals are always best, but this doesn’t always have to mean white or black. In fact, to make the naturally dynamic colors of fall really pop, I always encourage families to go with a variation on a certain color theme. Deep jewel tones like navy, emerald green, and mustard yellow are all great options. A deep maroon can be strikingly beautiful, and pairs well with just about any neutral. Leave the pastels and bright, highlighter colors at home. Also avoid pinks, reds, and oranges always if you can help it, as it can actually affect how your skin tone looks in photographs.

Lovely Layers

My absolute favorite thing about fall is layering it up. Think blazers, cardigans, scarves, and tights. Create visual interest by combining a classic button up with a cozy sweater + some worn in blue jeans. Fall can be an unpredictable time for weather, so layers will also ensure that everyone stays comfortable. Just make sure you’re selective with your layers so you don’t end up looking bulky or weighed down. When in doubt, ask your photographer!



Wear clothes with words on them. This one is a BIGGY for dads and little boys. I know “going casual” can be the easiest way to get everyone out the door BUT there are some awesome comfy solid color tee shirts out there that will look great without being too much a distraction.


Mix pattern, color and wear layers. Maybe it's a sweater or jean jacket over a solid colored tee. Also be sure to choose a few dark colors but also a few bright colors to bring a little contrast to the photos.


wear really large brimmed hats! I know, I know there really are some cute hats out there that could MAKE the outfit but unfortunately unless it’s a nice cloudy day, the sun will cast a big shadow on your face and your family snuggled close by. This is not to mean that you shouldn't wear a hat-I love a good Fedora or Panama! This also goes for Dad, cowboy hats and ball caps are just not as cool in photos.


Wear your hair down or in a loose bun. I know sometimes it’s easiest to pull it all back in a braid or pony BUT the looser and freer your hair the more relaxed your face will feel in photos! Windblown hair is something I actually try to achieve during a session. It adds so much depth and texture, so let it fly!!


Wear short dresses (above the knee) They seem SO cute in theory but when it comes down to snuggling on a blanket or sitting in poses, you’ll be so conscious of your legs that you wont be able to relax.


Wear something that fits well! Not too tight and not too big.