4 Reasons to Book Your Family Photos in Big Sur

you have raised wild ones

Good, I'm glad. These are my favorite kind of kids. If you have raised free spirited, curious kiddos who love the outdoors–then a Big Sur Adventure Session is the right session for you. I do not want your kids to sit perfectly still and smile at my camera. I want them to smell the wildflowers, dip their toes in the ocean, and climb on the cool rocks. We are going to be moving the entire time. Running, skipping, spinning, and finally maybe having a few sit down snuggle photos at the end once I have worn them out. ;)

you will have epic artwork to hang on your walls

The Big Sur landscape is unsurpassable. I have yet to find a more beautiful place. No matter which direction you look, beauty surrounds you. Epic is the word that comes to mind when I think of the lush green mountains, turquoise waves, and interesting rock structures. These are images that are worthy of ordering large prints to hang on the walls of your home.

your family is free to be themselves

Sitting still and looking perfect is torture for kids. I guarantee you will not capture genuine, happy smiles in a studio session. During a Family Adventure Session, I let the kids take the lead and through playing games, dancing, and tickling–catching a real smile is simple. They WANT to be there, and half the time, they forget they are being photographed. This of course, makes it easier on Mom and Dad as well. No need to worry about your kids "performing" for the camera. You actually get to enjoy each other, the scenery, and watching your children enjoy the outdoors.

to capture the beauty of big sur

Whether you are a local, or you are here on vacation, Big Sur is undeniably a tourist destination and a place everyone wants a piece of. Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter–there is no "bad" time to schedule your family photos. Big Sur is gorgeous year round. Being a local myself, I have spent countless hours scouting the area and therefore I can tell you when the wildflowers bloom, when there will be the most wind, how to find the "secret cave", and where the safest spots for families are.

If you're looking for family photos Big Sur, I'm here for you! I'm confident that you'll not only love your photos but also the experience. I look forward to capturing your beautiful family memories! Contact me today to book your Adventure Family photo session. 🥰