So You Made it to Big Sur...Now What?

I really hope none of my past clients take any offense to what I'm about to say, but Brad and Garrett are truly some of my most favorite clients I have ever had. (I mean - they gave me a bottle of tequila as a gift, hello?!) They came all the way from Austin, Texas to California to find out what all the hype is about in Big Sur. Brad and Garrett told me that they travel about 4-5 times a year all over the world (yes, I'm very jealous) and everywhere they go, they hire a professional photographer to follow them around and document their memories while they explore new places. Brilliant, right?!

This was the first time they were bringing along their new Inu Shibu, Benny @bennybentoboy

for one of their getaways. This little guy resembles a fox, and yes, he's as fast as one too! Benny was more than happy to explore his new digs and they even brought him "camping appropriate" bandanas for the weekend.

Their trip started out at the Ventana Glampsite where they noshed on a charcuterie platter and Monterey Beer from Alvarado Street Brewery. The light pitter patter of rain and the gas lit firepit added to the ambience for the perfect evening. Next came the fanciest s'mores you've ever seen, provided and packaged by Ventana, complete with roasting sticks, gourmet marshmallows, and waffle cookies.

After the rain stopped, they decided to take Benny on a little walk through the redwoods, where he could sniff to his hearts desire. The light filtering through the massive trees was magical and created the perfect backdrop for a few more photos. Ventana campsite has a little creek that flows all the way from the top to the bottom of the entire campsite, and there is no better sound in the world to fall asleep to than a babbling brook.

We decided to finish off our session with a trip to Pfeiffer Beach about two miles away. I had already told Brad and Garrett that it is an absolute must see while in Big Sur, and it did not disappoint! Even though it had been rainy and foggy the whole day, once we got to Pfeiffer Beach-the clouds parted, the sun made it's way out, and the skies put on a show like I had never seen before. I'm pretty sure Benny had the best time out of everyone, hopping across the stream and playing fetch. We climbed the massive rocks, walked along the sand, and took in the majestic views.

I hope Big Sur now holds a special place in Brad and Garrett's heart, as it does in mine. There is nothing like it, and you will find me there any time I can get away...