lifestyle newborn session

Choosing to do an In-Home lifestyle newborn photoshoot has definite perks: you get to stay home, relax, wear yoga pants, take a coffee break… AND we have the opportunity to include all of the family members into the photos, including the family pet(s)! Personally, dogs are my favorite, only because they are easier to control than a cat. A dog can add so much energy and character to a lifestyle newborn photo session.

Safety is my number one priority – so when dogs are close to baby, I always have a parent just out of the shot waiting to help. You know your dog’s demeanor the best, so if getting your pup on the bed with baby isn’t feasible or safe, we’ll find alternative ways to include them! Which is exactly what we did during this shoot. This family wanted to include all three of their dogs, but they definitely knew the personalities and limitations of each animal. They knew which dog would be okay right next to the new baby, which dog should wouldn't have much of an attention span, and which dog would not want much to do with the session.

One thing to keep in mind when you want to include your pet during your lifestyle newborn session is the dog’s energy level. If possible, it’s good to give him/her, a nice long walk prior to the shoot. The walk helps bring excitement and energy levels down and it makes it that much easier to work them into the portraits.