The Answer is Yes!

Being a photographer on the Monterey Peninsula means that we are able to do photo sessions all year round at some amazing parks and beaches that are perfect for pets. I feel very strongly that your pets are part of your family, so including them in your family, engagement, maternity, newborn and even elopements just makes sense. Unfortunately, telling them to strike a pose and smile for the camera isn’t an easy task. However, a little preparation can go a long way in creating a fun and easy session for everyone, including your furry family member.

Bring a helper

My number one piece of advice is to bring a "pet nanny". You have enough to focus on during your photo shoot without worrying if your pets are behaving for the photos. That’s why you should make the call for reinforcements. Have a friend accompany you to your session to assist with your pets. Ideally this should be someone your pets are comfortable around, and they can also keep your pet company when we're getting shots that don't involve them.

Bring water and treats

You want your pets to be happy and healthy during your photo shoot and that won’t happen if they are hungry and thirsty. Have plenty of fresh water on hand and bring along their favorite delicious treats. Treats can also be used to help focus your pets’ eyes on the camera. And they provide a nice reward after a successful photo shoot. 

Think About Styling

Make sure you plan your pets outfit too! Whatever harness, leash, or collar they are wearing WILL be in the photos. So make sure to pick something that is not too distracting and compliments both what you are wearing and the scenery.

Including your pets in a photo shoot may present a set of new challenges, but with the proper preparation, help and props, capturing their memory doesn’t have to be mission impossible. It can even be enjoyable. I love how Kayla and Augustine's maternity session turned out, and their pup was so well behaved and sweet. We decided to bring him in right at the very end of the session, and it was perfect timing. We got all of our great shots with him, and then he was ready to run like crazy and enjoy the beach once we were done!