Sun Drenched Maternity Session in Carmel, CA

Krystal had booked me for a Maternity Session long before the pandemic started, and then we just had to keep our fingers crossed and wait for the day when we would be able to connect. Well that day happened - and it was magical! Krystal was absolutely stunning in her lace Vici Dolls dress, her son is the cutest and we couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous evening. The landscape of Ribera Beach in Carmel ranges from wildflowers, to white sandy beaches, to large striking rock formations.

I always advise my clients to wear flat, practical footwear at this particular location because of it's tricky terrain - and Krystal is a perfect example that it doesn't matter what you have on your feet - it's all about the baby bump and mama glow! Her muted lace dress was a perfect compliment to the edgy rocks and rough seas.

This maternity session also included Krystal's husband and their 18 month old son. They also asked to include their 3 dogs in the beginning of the session, and they were so cute and well behaved! Including pets in a session definitely has its extra challenges, but it is one of my favorite things to include!

I always start off my sessions pretty slowly to get my clients comfortable in front of the camera and to get a grasp for the “rules”. I explain everything as we go along, so you will never be wondering what to do next. Once we’re on a roll, I tend to let things flow naturally between my subjects.

The vast majority of my clients talk about about how they really appreciate the love and connection they see between my subjects on my website and say, “But my family will never interact that way...”

Guess what? They still ended up with those kinds of images! My “secret” is to just let your family behave the way they normally would with each other (with a minimal amount of direction from me) and by the time we're almost done, they have almost forgotten that I’m there. Nothing is forced or contrived between my subjects. I simply position my subjects close to each other and gently give verbal prompts that lead to unique and natural interaction. Voila. That’s when the magic happens - and my clients are just as much a part of creating that as I am! The looks that you see exchanged between couples and families in my images aren’t faked, they’re very real. I love being able to give that to my clients.

Can I just say how much fun I had with these three during their time with me? I really enjoyed getting to know each of them, especially their sweet little boy. Enjoy some of my favorites from this wonderful couple’s maternity session! I’m looking forward to seeing them again in the future and meeting their newest addition!