What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

Lifest‌yle photography is a much more organic approach to capturing a newborn in the first few weeks of his or her precious life. It is about capturing your new baby in a very natural and honest way and it’s about portraying the special connection between the parents and child. It is minimalistic in approach with the main focus on shared moments between family members and the natural beauty of a newborn baby. No props, no over the top outfits, and no artificial lighting.

The goal of a lifest‌yle newborn session is to photograph the baby in natural poses. I want to capture the baby as he or she naturally lays, sleeps, explores her/his environment visually and I might even sometimes capture a smile! In photographing this way, I can preserve a memory that reflects the true personality and uniqueness of each child. A real memory, as opposed to just another cute picture. Lifestyle sessions can be done in the home or in studio. No matter the locations-I still ask the parents to think about special items to bring to the session to add something personal. Such items may include the baby’s blanket, stuffed animal, the parent’s favorite outfit for him or her, or a favorite swaddle. Sometimes, even a family pet that loves to lay next to the child may end up being a great addition to a picture.

Lifest‌yle photography sessions do not solely focus on close-ups of the newborn. We will not be using a bean bag set-up or backdrop. Rather, an equal portion of the shoot is dedicated to photographing the family’s interaction: the emotion and joy between the parents, the parents and child(ren), and sometimes, the extended family. We will simply be hanging out around your house (or studio) on your couch, bed, or even your kitchen! I adore catching that perfect moment when a new dad looks at his new baby with pure love in his eyes or that giggle your newborn makes when big brother tickles him in the crib. Those honest connections are impossible to recreate in a traditional, posed studio environment.

Unlike more traditional newborn sessions, lifest‌yle sessions are much more relaxed. We do not have to adhere to a strict timeline or wait for the baby to sleep for hours at a time to catch that "perfect shot". We go with the flow and let the baby lead the session. When the baby sleeps, that's my chance to capture his or her natural un-posed beauty. When the baby is awake, I can capture the parents cuddling or playing with him or her. The relaxed environment helps the parents, who are already dealing with a great deal of stress, and also helps prevent the baby from getting upset. Baby doesn’t need to “perform” in any sort of way and parents get to enjoy all the moments as they naturally occur.

Lifest‌yle newborn session is not just about taking beautiful photos, it is about creating a story, a story that is specific only to the family photographed. The first moments when new life is brought into a home is the happiest of times. It is real, it is raw, it is hard, and it is beautiful. Parents are filled with emotions of love and joy. New experiences are created and shared. A lifest‌yle newborn session documents these special moments and at the same time conveys in the most authentic way a beautiful story of one’s life.