Outdoor Family Newborn Session in Carmel, CA

I absolutely love photographing my returning families. Especially when I shot their maternity session, and then I actually get to meet the new baby! We had originally scheduled to have an In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session at my clients home, but due to Coronavirus - we were forced to make other plans. We decided to wait until their new baby girl was 3 months old and to have an outdoor Newborn session instead in gorgeous Carmel, California at one of my favorite beaches.

These outdoor Newborn sessions have become a new normal for photographers since we can't currently conduct indoor sessions. And I have to be honest - I absolutely love them! I’m not really the “baby in a basket” type of photographer, but I prefer the look and feel of babies snuggled up in loving arms and decided to try some natural outdoor sessions with newborns.

What I learned is outdoor newborn sessions can be a little tricky as there are a few more uncontrollable elements that need consideration. I’ve compiled a few tips here to help make your outdoor newborn session as smooth as possible, should you choose to have one!

1. Check the weather. If it’s too cold, too windy, too rainy, then make sure to talk to your photographer about rescheduling your session. Stay away from any areas that are really windy or way too hot. The goal is to make the baby (and family) as comfortable as possible.

2. Prepare. Happy babies make for good images. Try to feed the baby right before the session, so that they are nice and full for the next hour. But don't stress out if they get hungry! It is totally fine to take a quick break if it will help baby (and mom) to relax and get comfortable again. I also recommend to give young siblings a nutritious, light snack before our sessions as well.

3. Bring blankets.  Blankets are an outdoor newborn session must! I am happy to provide the blankets that I typically use, but I always ask my clients if they have their own that they would prefer to use. Especially if they have a blanket that was crocheted by grandma, or a quilt that was handed down through generations. We will be using the blanket to lay on, sit on, and sometimes wrap around the baby.

4. Bring extra clothes. Accidents happen with newborns and there have been countless times when a change of clothes for baby, mom, dad, sibling(s) and even me have proved to be very helpful! In those moments, you’ll be happy if you have spare clothes. I also recommend to bring extra layers for everyone in the family. Here, on the central coast, you never know when the fog will roll in or the wind will pick up. A neutral sweater, or funky jacket adds some great texture and variety to your images.

5. Breaks. Plan on taking lots of little breaks. Newborns’ are on their own time schedule, and we will work around that. If baby has clearly had enough, we will take a short break, where mom can do a feeding, rock them to sleep, or just get a chance to catch her breath. Taking a minute to regroup usually solves the issue, and we can get right back in to the session.

6. Snuggle Up. These sessions are all about loving on your new baby. My aim is not to capture perfectly posed, smiling subjects. My aim is to capture beautiful details, tiny toes, pouty lips, holding hands, and tight squeezes between family members.

7. Relax. If you are relaxed , your baby will typically be relaxed as well. Babies feed off their mother's emotions, and can definitely feel if you are tense and stressed. Don't worry about your hair and makeup looking perfect. I will absolutely make sure you are in the best light and do my best to make you look like the goddess you are.